Messy World

February 12, 2007

Sitting on the train this morning i was surrounded by my junk – a hat, coat, bag, and other stuff strewn across the seat next to me.

It was a home from home with the mess about me, but i felt convicted!  If we live in clutter we cannot truly be free, free to be who God created us to be.  Clutter brings stress, it uses up time and acts as a distraction.

I am too busy to order things, and would need a few days off work, but if that means i can live in a peaceful surrounding maybe i should…

If a day is as a thousand years, then taking a day off to tidy might be a wise move.  I need to use each day wisely.

Give us the faith and trust to go against what society expects of us so we may be fully free to be ourselves. 


People Watching

January 12, 2007

People watching can be quite fun, but serious misconceptions or assumptions can be made. 

Every day i travel with the same bunch of people on the train.  I’ve tried to guess where they are all heading at such a ridiculous hour of 5.30am.  You can gain some clues from what a person eats, the literature they read or the music they have blasting out their headphones.

I’ve spotted some Christians or people interested in the faith by their early morning reading material.  I do wonder though what they’ve gleaned about me.

I started to think about whether my faith was evident to those i pass, and if God’s light mysteriously shone from me in a way i cannot explain or whether i hide my light under a bush in order that i may fit in.

It’s the old thing of asking, “Is there enough evidence to convict you of being a Christian?”.  By that i don’t mean a Pharisaaic lifestyle of carrying a neon sign saying ‘at prayer’ or ‘holy person’.

How would people know you are a believer rather than simply a nice person?

ps After the weekend ‘The Gossiping Goose’