Boxing for God!

February 9, 2007

Although i can be feisty at times, i am usually considered to be even tempered; boxing, therefore, is not something i would naturally incline toward trying, but…

A few weeks ago i was stopped in the street and asked if i wanted a 7 day free gym trial.  Having never attended a gym EVER in my life i didn’t know what it would entail, but with my family telling me how much i lack exercise lately, i thought there was no harm in signing up.

Yesterday was Day 3 and i had a personal training session for an hour (before which i told a friend i might die from the hard work it is).  After the usual cycling and treadmill i ws asked to put some boxing gloves on…

To my horror and surprise i discovered that i was surprisingly good!  I have no plans to knock anyone to the ground however i suspect the trainer thought me to be a secret street fighter!

Why do i share all this?

Because as a child i was active – ballet, various sports etc- but for the past 5 years or so i’ve done virtually no exercise!  In going to the gym i’ve felt like i’ve been getting back in touch with who i was as a child, that is getting back in touch with the core of who God created me to be -a lively energetic person!

I urge you and encourage you to revisit who you were as a child because underneath the layers of of discovery and challenge you would’ve went through, you’ll learn more about who you’ve been created to be.